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Theralase Granted European Patent for Anti-Cancer Photo Dynamic Compounds

Toronto, Ontario – October 22, 2019, Theralase® Technologies Inc. (“Theralase” or the “Company”) (TSXV: TLT) (OTCQB: TLTFF), a clinical stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of light activated Photo Dynamic Compounds (“PDC”) and their associated drug formulations intended to safely and effectively destroy various cancers is pleased to announce that the Company has been granted a European Patent for their anti-cancer PDCs, which will issue in due course.

The patent entitled, “Metal-Based Thiophene Photodynamic Compounds and Their Use” advances Theralase’s intellectual property portfolio internationally strengthening the patent portfolio around the Anti-Cancer Technology (“ACT”) platform. The patent encompasses an extensive library of PDCs, including Theralase’s lead PDC, TLD-1433, approved by Health Canada to be evaluated in a Phase II Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (“NMIBC”) clinical study (“Study II”). Currently, Study II has successfully been launched in 3 Canadian clinical oncology sites with 2 patients treated. The Company has submitted a Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) Investigational New Drug (“IND”) application and is currently working with the FDA in the approval of the IND to allow the Company to launch clinical Study II sites in the US.

Dr. Arkady Mandel M.D. Ph.D. D.Sc, Chief Scientific Officer of Theralase stated, “The latest European Patent reinforces the intrinsic value of our PDC anti-cancer technology and confirms the highly innovative nature of them and their inherent ability to destroy cancer. This patent provides the Company intellectual property protection for its PDC technology until mid-2032 and it complements the already robust set of 9 patent families securing the protection of Theralase’s PDCs and related ACT. This European patent protects our lead PDC compound, TLD-1433, in addition to the Canadian and US patent already issued on this innovative technology. The new patent also provides us with intellectual property to commercialize this PDC technology in Europe.”


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