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OmniActive gains new EU patent, brings updates & new health benefit insights to VitaFoods 2019

OmniActive’s patent for its OmniBead technology platform has been granted by the European Patent office (number EP3110262B1) and covers their beadlet technology that retains the nutritional and biological benefits of natural compounds, that would otherwise have limited use in finished formulations because of their physicalor organoleptic characteristics. OmniBead allows for greater formula flexibility at efficacious doses for ingredients like OmniActive’s Capsimax Capsaicin Extract so they can be used in a variety of applications including tablets,capsules and powders for beverages.

“This patent showcases all the elements which make Capsimax and our OmniBead technology true game-changers and differentiators in the weight wellness and sports nutrition categories,” stated Arti Shah, VP, Global Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies.

We invite customers to discuss the significant relevance and opportunities that this provides to the European market at OmniActive booth H41 during Vitafoods this year.”

OmniActive will also be discussing the latest updates on their corporate social responsibility initiative portion of the OmniActive Improving Lives Foundation >> , which is a community-level project to support small farming communities, improve nutrition and health, and promote gender equality in rural India. Other activities at OmniActive’s booth will include a taste-testing of delicious and nutritious samples featuring various ingredients applications >> as well as discussions about the latest opportunities, trends, and insights surrounding top health benefit categories including vision >>, cognition and mental health, sports nutrition, weight wellness >>, mobility >> and active lifestyles and many more.

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