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IRLAB's Drug Candidates IRL942 and IRL1009 Have Been Granted Patents in the US and Europe

IRLAB announced today that drug candidates IRL942 and IRL1009 have been granted composition of matter patents in the US and Europe from respective authorities. The preclinical drug candidates are currently undergoing preparatory steps to meet the regulatory requirements for obtaining permission to conduct clinical phase I studies. Securing the intellectual property rights is an important step in protecting the results of the company's research and strengthens the projects' position and commercial potential.

Drug candidates IRL942 and IRL1009 stem from IRLAB's P001 research program and are derived from the proprietary research platform ISP. IRL942 and IRL1009 are intended for treatment of mental and cognitive decline as well as declining motor skills linked to neurodegenerative diseases and ageing. In several recently conducted preclinical studies, the drug candidates' show increased nerve cell signaling and improved cognition in behavioral studies.

Nicholas Waters, CEO at IRLAB, commented "Being granted patents for IRL942 and IRL1009 is a significant demonstration of the power of innovation that lies within our research platform ISP. Independently, two of the world's key patent authorities have deemed that also these ISP derived candidates fulfill criteria such as novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability."

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and its counterpart the European Patent Office (EPO) are the authorities having granted patents for the drug candidates IRL942 and IRL1009.

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