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Intec Pharma Granted European Patent for gastro-retentive drug delivery device with perforated exter

Intec Pharma Ltd announce that the European Patent Office has granted the Company European Patent No. 2997953 titled, “DELIVERY DEVICE FOR ORAL INTAKE OF AN AGENT,” and covers Intec’s gastro-retentive drug delivery device with perforated external film. The new European patent joins Intec Pharma’s intellectual property of the IN-3 family of patents and provides coverage until 2027. 

“This new patent builds on our expanding global intellectual property estate to protect our Accordion Pill® (AP) technology and its variety of applications.  Importantly, the new patent underscores Intec’s continued innovation with respect to the Accordion platform technology and our commitment to expanding our patent protection to safeguard the AP platform for our biopharmaceutical products and products in development.  This patent specifically protects our product development efforts for poorly soluble compounds, which utilize our perforated films as part of the innovative approach to enhanced drug delivery” said Jeffrey A. Meckler, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intec Pharma.

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