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Evgen Pharma granted European patent for cancer treatment

Cancer and neurological focused Evgen Pharma said it had been granted further intellectual property rights in Europe pertaining to the SFX-01 cancer treatment candidate.

The patent leads with a product claim covering 'a composition comprising a complex of sulforaphane and alpha-cyclodextrin'. Composition-of-matter patents had already been granted in the US and other territories. Exclusive worldwide rights to the patent were held by Evgen Pharma under the terms of a licence agreement with PharmAgra Labs, the US laboratory that invented SFX-01. 'We are delighted by the grant of this important patent in Europe,' chief executive Steve Franklin said. 'This patent has broad claims relating to the composition of the novel drug substance, SFX-01, and as such represents a material development for the company.' 'It further expands the strength and depth of our intellectual property position across all the key territories with regard to the composition of the product and method of manufacture.' 'The overall intellectual property position around SFX-01 and novel analogues has matured into an impressive patent estate, asserting our exclusive position around this new class of pharmaceutical.'

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