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Emmaus Life Sciences Granted European Patent

Emmaus Life Sciences Granted European Patent for use of Pharmaceutical-grade L-glutamine in Treating Diverticulosis

Emmaus Life Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: EMMA), a leader in sickle cell disease treatment, announced today the allowance of patent application number 12860587.0, directed to the treatment of diverticulosis, by the European Patent Office. The allowance of this application follows the issuance of corresponding patents in the United States, Japan, Australia, Mexico, China, Indonesia, South Korea and Russia. Patent applications are currently pending in various jurisdictions around the world, including Brazil and India.

The allowed European application reports a significant reduction in the number of intestinal diverticula, the primary indicator of diverticulosis, through the therapeutic application of -pharmaceutical-grade L-glutamine (PGLG). There are no commercial therapies that claim an ability to reduce intestinal diverticula at the present time.

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