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Confo Therapeutics reports grant of two key patents for ConfoBodies™

Confo Therapeutics, a pioneering biopharma company, today announces that it has been granted two key ConfoBodyTM patents derived from the patent estate known as the “Steyaert patents”.

The Steyaert patents – named after Prof. Jan Steyaert (VIB-VUB), their first-named inventor and scientific founder of Confo Therapeutics – are a series of patents and patent applications that cover the composition-of-matter and various uses of ConfoBodies (single-domain antibodies capable of binding specific protein conformations) in structural biology and drug discovery.

Confo Therapeutics holds the exclusive commercial rights to the Steyaert patent estate in the field of GPCR structure determination and drug discovery. Confo Therapeutics has now obtained a further European patent and a further US patent within the Steyaert patents. The European patent (EP 2 593 792, granted on 13 November 2019) covers composition-of-matter claims for a number of ConfoBodies. This includes the ConfoBody known as “Nb80”, which was generated by Prof. Steyaert and subsequently used by Prof. Brian Kobilka and coworkers at Stanford University to generate the first structure of an active-state G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) conformation. The US patent (US 10,436,796, granted on 8 October 2019) covers methods for generating and producing ConfoBodies, independent of their origin, target or sequence.

Other granted patents and pending applications within the Steyaert patents cover GPCR-ConfoBody complexes, GPCR screening methods in which a ConfoBody is used to keep the GPCR in an active conformation, Gs-stabilizing ConfoBodies, and host cells that are capable of expressing both a ConfoBody and a GPCR.

The Steyaert patents currently comprise around 25 granted patents (including 10 granted US patents and 6 granted European patents) and around 30 patent applications within 7 patent families worldwide.

In addition to the Steyaert patents, Confo Therapeutics also holds an exclusive license for GPCRs to the MegabodyTM technology and associated patent application(s) from VIB-VUB. MegabodiesTM are novel antigen-binding chimeric proteins that are optimized for three-dimensional structural analysis of proteins via high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM).



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