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Cellmid to receive EU patent for midkine antibody for cancer, autoimmunity and inflammation

Cellmid Limited (ASX:CDY) has confirmed that the European Patent Office plans to issue an improved midkine antibody patent for its humanised therapeutic antibody CAB102 for a number of European markets.

The European Union intellectual property protection grant will cover a patent family and is designed to protect the “composition of humanised midkine antibodies that recognise regions within the C-domain of the midkine (MK) protein.”

Cellmid’s imminent patent will allow the lead drug’s antibodies to be used in cancer diagnosis and treatment, inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

The Maria Halasz-led company reported today the patent was a “significant” development milestone that added notable commercial value to the company’s midkine portfolio.

Cellmid said the patent would complement its subsidiary-owned Australian, US and European “Antibody recognising C-domain of midkine” patents in the portfolio and recent US a& nd EU intellectual property grant, “Antibody recognising C-domain of midkine.”

Dominant intellectual property position over midkine therapeutic antibodies

The preclinically-tested antibody CAB102 has been studied in two mammal species, and is housed with the complementary patents in wholly-owned Cellmid subsidiary Lyramid.

The company told the market: “The newly-granted midkine antibody patents and allied patent families underpin the company’s dominant intellectual property position over the use of midkine therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of diseases arising from cancer, chronic inflammation, surgical adhesions as well as functional disorders in T-regulatory cells and activated neutrophil associated with autoimmune diseases.”

Other patent applications are pending, with Cellmid saying: “Recent provisional patent applications for the use of Lyramid’s N-domain antibodies are expected to add to the company’s growing portfolio.

“These applications covering the areas of accelerated bone healing following fractures and a chronic inflammatory heart failure called myocarditis, highlight the potential for further deployment of Lyramid’s intellectual property in clinically relevant scenarios.”

Cellmid’s midkine patent portfolio features 59 patents and applications in 12 patent families, including patents covering the use of MK and anti-MK agents for use in diseases such as cancer, inflammatory conditions and autoimmune diseases.

The company also holds patents for using MK as a diagnostic marker for cancer and other disorders.

Cellmid believes MK could be used as a companion diagnostic, with the potential use a possible drawcard to accelerate its clinical development.

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