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Aker BioMarine Granted Important Patent for its Purification Technology

Aker BioMarine today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company’s patent application 15/040,330, which covers the innovative Flexitech technology used to make Superba 2 and Superba Boost krill oil products at its Houston facility. The allowed patent application has 11 claims covering the high-efficiency process for extracting lipids from a krill biomass, resulting in pure and desalted krill oil products. This patent strengthens the company’s patent portfolio and future generation of products.

Committed to innovation and R&D, Aker BioMarine created Flexitech technology to continually expand its product line and to help take the krill oil market to new heights. In addition to its capabilities to produce new and unique products, Flexitech was developed to help improve encapsulation properties such as improved smell, taste and visual appearance.

”The Flexitech technology does not involve any form of high temperature treatment such as molecular distillation or the use of other solvents besides ethanol and water. It relies solely on low temperature and efficient fractionation methods, which remove unwanted salts and other polar constituents. It has opened the doors to new products such as Superba 2 and Superba Boost,” says Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker BioMarine.

All Superba products are certified 100% sustainable and traceable and produced through a vertically integrated supply chain that is fully owned and controlled by Aker BioMarine.

“This is a major development for our company and the industry,” says Johansen. “Aker BioMarine is fully committed to the research and development behind our krill oil products and this patent allows us to continue investing in R&D for years to come.”

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