Scientific Adviser

Posted 10 months ago

Location: Utrecht

The role:

The Scientific Advisors are a group of technical advisors with advanced degrees in science, who will be assigned to intellectual property matters within the Company, who work with the intellectual property team on review of literature, performing due diligence and supporting the patent prosecution and other intellectual property activities. Successful advisors develop solid working relationships with our European Patent Attorney and Executive Director of Intellectual Property and members of the scientific and management teams. They also continually find new and better ways of performing research, improving processes through the application of new technology, and coordinate with the Company’s paralegal as an additional resource for information. The Advisor’s work will always be supervised by a European Patent Attorney and or Director of the IP team.

  • Advisors are expected to use their science and technology background to facilitate the flow of information between inventors, experts, attorneys, and outside consultants.
  • Advisors are expected to assist attorneys in presenting scientific and technical data to those without scientific backgrounds.
  • Advisors are expected to assist in all aspects of the investigation of each relevant matter that they are assigned to.
  • Advisors are expected to assist the attorneys with the preparation and refinement of research that is relevant to patent or other intellectual property analyses.
  • Advisors are expected to assist the attorneys during review of technical documents and literature, and offer guidance and clarity on technical matters.

Qualifications & Requirements:
As an advisor you must have a Ph.D. or M.S. degree in immunology or a related field. Additionally we expect you to meet the following requirements:

  • You have a demonstrated ability to perform research and investigations and analyze specialized data and documents from the perspective of your field of study.
  • If you hold a Ph.D. in Immunology, we expect you to be able to review and analyze specialized science and legal documents relating to Immunology.
  • You must be able to review peer-reviewed publications, study plans, or patent applications etc. and answer questions clearly and succinctly regarding the scientific contents.
  • You have good writing skills and are able to explain scientific concepts in layman’s terms.

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