Cellect granted key European patent

Cellect Biotechnology, a developer of a novel stem cell production technology, announced today the European Patent Office has granted the company a patent for its platform ApoGraft™ technology and ApoTainer™ device.

Cellect’s patented technology is designed to produce safe and ample quantities of stem cells ready for dosing in patients in a wide range of disease states from oncology to auto-immune diseases. 

Through negative selection, Cellect’s technology identifies mature cells that can be harmful to the recipient and selectively eliminates those cells through apoptosis (cell death).

The patent addresses Cellect’s devices and methods for specifically selecting desired stem cells from a heterogeneous cell population for use in a range of medical indications.

The latest patent granted to the Company, covers claims including Cellect’s method for preventing graft vs. host disease while retaining potent anti-cancer graft vs. tumor activity using the ApoTainer™ device.

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Dr. Shai Yarkoni’s words on the ApoTainer device.

Dr. Shai Yarkoni, the Cellect CEO, stated: This patent in Europe further expands our robust intellectual property estate which includes seven families of global patent applications with several issued in the U.S. and EU. for the concept of using apoptosis for stem cell selection, methods of use, and composition of matter for the ApoTainer™.

“We expect to have protection against other devices looking to use apoptosis-inducing ligands, as indicated in the patent, for the process of cell selection.

He said: “We believe the value of this patent is underscored by the favourable initial results reported in our open label Phase I/II trial in GvHD which is actively recruiting and treating patients.”


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