Ynvisible Interactive Inc. granted patent for specialized electrolyte

Ynvisible Interactive Inc, a company that specializes in creating ultra-low power displays for printed electronics, announces that it has been granted an EU patent (no. 2821458) for a specialized electrolyte formulation that allows for the integration of electrochromic inks directly into the electrolyte layers. This formulation offers a reduction in the overall number of ink layers required to produce electrochromic devices, substantially increasing manufacturing efficiency.

Typically, electrochromic displays have separate electrochromic and electrolyte layers which add to the complexity and cost of manufacture. ynvisible’s patented invention offers an industry-leading solution that helps tackle performance and production efficiency issues and provides essential production efficiencies to brands that are looking to utilize electrochromic displays in their mainstream consumer goods. This patent now gives ynvisible control over a valuable functionality improvement that other companies using electrochromic inks may wish to license and use.

This latest patent strengthens ynvisible’s position as a leader in visual indicators for smart labels incorporating printed electronics. Specifically, this patent covers the proprietary formulation of ynvisible’s irreversible displays, which have many applications in product status and quality indication, security, and authenticity. An irreversible display allows for a visual alarm to be permanently visible after a critical event has been recorded by the smart label system (e.g. a temperature threshold has been exceeded, or the item has been tampered with). Once activated, ynvisible’s irreversible displays will remain visible even after a loss of structural integrity to the underlying circuits or power source. ynvisible is very pleased to add this patent to its growing portfolio of 18 patents – 8 granted, 10 pending.

“ynvisible is solving obstacles to the mass manufacture of electrochromic devices, and this invention is a critical element in this pursuit. Receiving an EU patent for recognizing this invention is an important milestone for us,” says Dr. Carlos Pinheiro, CTO of ynvisible.   Beyond ynvisible’s immediate interests to deploy this invention in its smart label and smart films solutions, this patent also has potential applications in other fields of electrochromics as well as in other electrochemical devices, such as advanced batteries and power sources where electrolytes play an important role.

source: Ynvisible Interactive Inc
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