Oil India gets its first ever patent from European Patent Office

has been granted by the Office for an invention titled ‘ A method for preventing wax deposition in with packers.’

Securing this first-ever grant signifies a major milestone for OIL and especially its Research& Development (R&D) Unit, which actively develops innovative solutions to oilfield exploration and production problems and has filed few other applications in recent years.

The grant amounts to recognition of the uniqueness of the solution provided by OIL to the problem of heavy wax deposition in flowing completed with packers. Scientists at OIL have studied the problem and attributed it to phenomenon related to severe wellbore cooling caused by evaporation and of liquid in the annulus, also known as ‘well bore refluxing’.

The solution described in the application consists of removing the liquid from the well annulus using a venturi/  Such a solution is simple, involves one-time operation and does not interfere with well production.

application for the invention was first filed in the Indian Office in February 2014, based on which an international application was filed as per provisions of Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Subsequently, national were filed in EPO,USA,Russiaand China. The grant comes ahead of other offices.


Source – http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-cm/oil-india-gets-its-first-ever-patent-from-european-patent-office-118040900322_1.html

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