SciFluor Announces 6 New Patent Issuances Covering the Use of SF0166 Topical Ophthalmic Solution in Retinal Diseases

SciFluor Life Sciences, Inc., a private, clinical stage company, today announced that the European Patent Office has issued a patent (EP 2953948) for SF0166, a novel potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of integrin αvβ3, in retinal diseases.

This patent is supported by an additional 5 patents issued earlier by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (US 9,266,884, US 9,518,053, US 9,593,114, US 9,717,729, and US 9,802,933) which provide intellectual property protection for SF0166 and its analogs for composition of matter and methods of use through 2034. SF0166 is currently in clinical development in both diabetic macular edema (DME) and neovascular (“wet”) age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

It is administered as an eye drop and pre-clinically has been shown to reach the back of the eye. “The patent issued by the European Patent Office, as well as earlier patents issued by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, support our global intellectual property strategy based on the unique ability of SF0166 to penetrate to the back of the eye, which could improve patient outcomes in retinal diseases as well as potentially reduce the need for intra-ocular injections,” said Scott Edwards, Vice President and General Manager, SciFluor Life Sciences.

“Topline results from our Phase 1/2 study of SF0166 in DME announced earlier this year demonstrated its safety in this indication as well as encouraging signs of biological activity.”In the Phase 1/2 study of SF0166 in DME, the primary outcome measure of safety was achieved with no drug-related serious adverse events observed and evidence of biological activity was seen at the two dose strengths (2.5% and 5%). SF0166-DMEresults.

About SF0166 SciFluor is developing SF0166, a novel, patented, potent and selective small molecule inhibitor of integrin αvβ3 with an optimum balance of physiochemical properties to allow it to distribute to the retina in high concentrations after topical (eye drop) administration to the eye. It has been tested in an extensive set of pre-clinical assays and shown to reach the back of the eye and be effective in validated in vivo models of macular disease. SF0166 is currently being studied in a multi-center, randomized, Phase 1/2 trial in patients with neovascular (wet) age-related macular degeneration (AMD) ( ID# NCT02914639).

About SciFluor Life Sciences LLC SciFluor creates proprietary best-in-class drugs based on well-understood pathways in areas of significant medical need such as ophthalmology, neuroscience and fibrotic diseases. Our lead clinical drug candidate, SF0166, is an eye drop therapeutic for treating back-of-the-eye diseases.