InDex Pharmaceuticals gets new patent granted in Europe

July 6, 2017 – Index Pharmaceuticals Holding AB (publ) today announced that a new use patent for the drug candidate cobitolimod granted by the European Patent Office. The patent provides additional protection for the use of cobitolimod for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

The patent, titled Compounds and Methods for Reducing the recruitment and / or migration of polymorphonuclear cells (patent number 2,806,028), which was applied in 2009 gives an exclusivity period to October 2029, with the possibility of up to 5-year extension after market approval.

“We are pleased that the European Patent Office continues to confirm that cobitolimod is an innovative asset for the treatment of inflammatory diseases,” says Peter Zerhouni, President and CEO of InDex Pharmaceuticals. “This patent, along with previously issued patents and patent applications, is part of our strategy to build a broad and strong intellectual property portfolio to protect our commercially important discoveries.”

For more information:
Peter Zerhouni, President and CEO
Tel: +46 35 8508847

Short on cobitolimod
Cobitolimod is a new type of drug that can help patients with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis back to a normal life. It is a so-called Toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist that can provide a local anti-inflammatory effect in the colon, which may lead to the healing of intestinal mucosa and alleviation of the clinical symptoms of ulcerative colitis. Cobitolimod has attained clinical proof-of-concept in moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis, with a very favorable safety profile. Data from four placebo show that cobitolimod provides statistically significant improvement in the endpoints that are most relevant for the disease, from both a regulatory and clinical perspective. These endpoints include the major clinical symptoms like blood in the stools, the number of bowel movements, and healing of intestinal mucosa. Cobitolimod is also known as Kappaproct® and DIMS0150.

Short on indexes Pharmaceuticals
Index is a drug development company focused on autoimmune disorders with significant unmet medical need for new treatment options. The Company’s principal asset is the drug candidate cobitolimod that is in late stage clinical development for the treatment of moderate to severe active ulcerative colitis – a debilitating, chronic inflammation of the colon. Index has also developed a proprietary platform of substances called DNA-based immunomodulatory sequences (DIMS), with potential to be used in the treatment of immunological diseases.

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