Gordagen Granted Patent for Delivery Technology

17 December 2015, Melbourne, Australia – Gordagen Pharmaceuticals, an Australian company developing evidence-based nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, is pleased to announce its Australian patent application* covering its novel delivery technology platform for improving the bioavailability of tocotrienols has been granted.


The patent covers Gordagen’s novel delivery platforms, including the MELT3™technology being used for its nutraceutical products in the US and Japan and also the delivery technology intended for its prescription portfolio. It also encompasses Gordagen’s nutraceutical targets of exercise endurance, delayed onset muscle soreness and heart health, the Company’s prescription indications including hyperlipidemia and diabetes, as well as other indications of interest. This provides the company with multiple opportunities for product development and licensing with interested parties.


The granting of this patent now allows Gordagen to immediately commence fast tracking the national phase patent prosecution process in key jurisdictions, including the US, South Korea, Japan and the UK through the Global Patent Prosecution Highway.


“Granting of this patent will enable the Company to expedite the examination process in key jurisdictions at a time when we are actively in discussions with key investors, distribution partners and potential licensees in major markets like the US and Japan,”said Dr Glenn Tong, CEO and Managing Director, Gordagen Pharmaceuticals.


“Having registered intellectual property rights for our first product (nE1-Heart™) due for launch next year in the US, already sets us apart from many nutraceutical companies which market products that are only protected as brands. We expect the Australian patent to be the first of a number of patents granted in the next 1-2 years, which will provide us with robust IP coverage in all major markets,”Dr Tong said.


The improvements enabled through the delivery platform were recently confirmed in an ICH-GCP (International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice) compliant Phase I clinical study completed by Gordagen in June 2015, where primary endpoints to achieve good bioavailability and plasma levels of the tocotrienols were met.


Gordagen is currently developing tocotrienol-based nutraceuticals backed by clinically regulated research, for the muscle soreness, exercise endurance and heart health markets. It has a diverse prescription pharmaceutical portfolio, covering core indications of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension. The Company’s proprietary MELT3™melt-then-swallow technology is combined with a formulation of tocotrienols to enable improved bioavailability.


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